Paramparik Karigar at the Lakme Fashion week

Paramparik Karigar at lakme fashion week, mumbai,arts,crafts,exhibitions designss workshops textiles

Paramparik Karigar at the Lakme Fashion Week

Beautifully weaving our entire nation together – Paramparik Karigar


Lakme Fashion week is one of the most popular designs and fashion events that take place in Mumbai. Last year, I got an opportunity to visit the Lakme Fashion Week. Paramparik Karigar was a part of the show I visited and the designs that they presented were a great fusion of heritage and contemporary style. The sustainable factor of the designs was commendable. Hence, I felt like sharing this experience with you all.

Paramparik Karigar at lakme fashion week, mumbai,arts,crafts,exhibitions designss workshops textiles

Paramparik Karigar is an institution established since 1996 which preserves and promotes the traditional art and craft of our country.

The concept that they inculcated in their designs was sustainable style and fashion. All their designs were based on #Craftiscool #Gosustainable. The culture of India was beautifully showcased in their collection.

Five Master Craftsmen of Paramparik Karigar had been paired with five talented young designers for the opening show called #Craftiscool. The Indian artists designed this collection in an extremely but fashionable way.

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  • The designs with Paramparik Karigar Mohammed Yusuf Khatri used the antique and forgotten Bagh print in their collection ‘Raag’.
    Wrap trench coats, quilted skirts, and slimline kurtas were created using Gajee silk, chanderi – all in vibrant colors such as maroon, black and beige.
  • Paramparik Karigar also had a collection of trendy breezy silhouettes in eye-catching prints and fabrics.
  • A unique collaboration with next-generation designers and master craftsmen to re-imagine heritage crafts of block printing and resist dyeing.
  • Their designs included Ajrakh, Bagh, Daboo, Bandhani and Shibori patterns.

lakme fashion week paramparik karigar exhibitions workshops mumbai

The entire show seemed like a fashion revolution to me. They brought in a varied combination of arts, crafts, and textiles in their designs. Each Indian artist showcased a wide variety of unique outfits.

Details of the Arts, Crafts and Textile workshop

Paramparik Karigar mumbai art craft textile workshop exhibition

Details of the Arts, Crafts and Textile exhibition

Mumbai Paramparik Karigarart, craft and textile event,

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About Paramparik Karigar – Paramparik Karigar an association of craftsmen was founded in 1996 with the assistance of Roshan Kalapesi. The idea was rooted by Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay when she was approached by a group of master craftsmen who wanted to form an organization of their own. To know more WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterBlog.


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